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Canadian Cedars of Hope

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Canadian Cedars of Hope works to spread hope to those in need, in North America and the Middle East, by building strong partnerships within our communities.

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Nothing goes unnoticed to those that have nothing.

Our Achievements

  • August 2020

    First meeting as Canadian Cedars of Hope formerly known as United for Lebanon. Lebanon Rally Events
    • Provided flags, water and sound system
  • September 2020

    Launched ‘Pillows of Hope’ Project

    • 500 Pillows & 500 Blankets distributed to Orphanages & Senior Home

    Official launch of the organization

  • October 2020

    School Supply Project

    • 140 School Bags & Supplies purchased and sent to Orphanages around Lebanon
  • November 2020

    Lebanon in Niagara Falls

    • Lit the falls with the Lebanese flag colours 

    Mazout Project

    • 114 Barrels of Diesel distributed to Widows, Seniors & Families in need
  • December 2020

    Officially changed our name to Canadian Cedars of Hope

    Winter Clothes Drive 

    • Provided clothing and food for those in need in London, ON
  • Feburary 2021

    Food Aid Drive in Lebanon

    • 60 Food Aid Packages distributed to families in need

    World Hijab Day

    • 100 Hijabs donated to our Muslim sisters
  • march 2021

    Launched London Emergency aid for Lebanon container project

    • Raised money and awareness at the Eid Marketplace by the Events co. for the Lebanon Aid Project campaign.

    Bekaa Emergency Relief & Response Team Support

  • April 2021

    Lebanon Emergency Aid Container Donation Drive partnered with Lebanon Strong

  • may 2021

    Palestine Awareness Campaign, sold shirts and donated funds to Emergency relief in Gaza.

    Lebanon Emergency Aid Container

    • Shipped via Toronto

    Eid Drive-Thru Event

    • Gave out balloons and ice cream treats
  • june 2021

    Non-profit Registration Completed for CCOH


    Our London Family

    • Vigil Support Event

    Indigenous Every Child Matters Campaign, proceeds went to Oneida Nest

    • Provided 1500 Bottles of Water at Healing Walk to support our Indigenous community
  • July 2021

    Donated computer & mesh systems for Sakeenah Homes in London, ON

  • August 2021

    Container distribution in Lebanon began


    Sent baby formula with Lebanon Strong to Lebanon

  • October 2021

    Assisted Reforest London to plant trees

  • november 2021

    Evening of Hope event

  • december 2021

    Homeless Outreach Project

    • Winter food and clothing drive
  • February 2022

    Launched Children's Health Foundation - NICU Campaign 

  • march 2022

    Ramadan Marketplace 

    Sell Easter Baskets for NICU campaign

  • April 2022

    Global Aid for Lebanon Campaign

    • Distributed food packages to 24 villages in the Bekaa Valley

    First Annual Iftar Dinner

    International Quds Day Iftar with CPSA


  • June 2022

    Nebras Orphanage Agriculture Project in Lebanon


    Tree planting at Nebras Orphanage in honour of #OurLondonFamily


    Installed a Solar Energy System at Dar Al Bir, an orphanage in Bekaa Valley Lebanon

  • July 2022

    Deliver van to Tommoh in Majdal Anjar, Lebanon 

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